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Ceulemans, B. (author)
Currently, only one Standard Instrument Departure (SID) track and one flight procedure is used per runway departure fix combination. In contrast to tailored arrivals, the potential benefit of tailored departures has been left relatively undiscovered. The research objective is to quantify the potential benefit of tailored SID-s and profile...
master thesis 2016
Ceulemans, B. (author), Van der Togt, A.C. (author), Wiesman, R.L.A. (author), Timmerman, T. (author)
In the summer of 2015 a multidisciplinary team of four TU Delft master students was sent to the Caribbean by Damen Shipyards to perform a market research study into the ferry market of the entire Caribbean Sea. We have executed this research as the fifth collaboration between Damen Shipyards and International Research Projects Delft, an...
student report 2015
Ceulemans, B. (author), Cohen, J.B. (author), Van Grootheest, H.A. (author), Helmijr, M.S.D. (author), Kardzha, I. (author), Kuipéri, F.T. (author), Munatsi, P. (author), Repko, M.G.J. (author), Schot, C.E. (author), Vermeersch, W.J.A. (author)
The Dutch city of Gorinchem has great economic growth opportunities for the future, but is limited by its transport system. It is strategically located at a crossroad of two motorways and two rivers, the Boven-Merwede and the Linge. Gorinchem is home to a number of multinationals, among others Damen Shipyards and Van Oord. This sets the right...
bachelor thesis 2013