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Dabrowski, M.M. (author), Chan, Faith (author), Meng, M. (author)
The cities of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) have been experiencing an unprecedented urban expansion for the past four decades, leading to emergence of one of the most populous and dynamic urban regions. However, these rapidly expanding cities located in a low-lying delta area also face increasing flood risk due to a combination of anthropogenic...
conference paper 2021
Meng, M. (author), Dabrowski, M.M. (author), Tai, Y. (author), Stead, D. (author), Chan, Faith (author)
Integration of flood risk in spatial planning is increasingly seen as a way to enhance cities’ resilience to the growing flood hazards, albeit its operationalisation remains challenging. This study aims to explain the reasons for this difficulty through the case study of Guangzhou, a Chinese delta city that is highly vulnerable to coastal,...
journal article 2019
Meng, M. (author), Dabrowski, M.M. (author), Chan, Faith (author), Stead, D. (author)
Many Chinese cities are increasingly exposed to the impacts of climate change, particularly to flooding. The National Sponge City Program was set up to address this challenge. This chapter examines how municipal interventions in spatial planning have been formulated in response to this national program. The case of Guangzhou is examined, a mega...
book chapter 2018