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Paz, Pavel Z.S. (author), Hollmann, Thomas H. (author), Kermen, Efe (author), Chapiro, G. (author), Slob, E.C. (author), Zitha, P.L.J. (author)
We report a study of heavy oil recovery by combined water flooding and electromagnetic (EM) heating at a frequency of 2.45 GHz used in domestic microwave ovens. A mathematical model describing this process was developed. Model equations were solved, and the solution is presented in an integral form for the one-dimensional case. Experiments...
journal article 2017
Chapiro, G. (author), Mallybaev, A.A. (author), De Souza, A.J. (author), Marchesin, D. (author), Bruining, J. (author)
There is a renewed interest in using combustion for the recovery of medium viscosity oil. We consider the combustion process when air is injected into the porous medium containing some fuel and inert gas. Commonly the reaction rate is negligible at low temperatures, hence the possibility of oxygen breakthrough. In this case, the oxygen gets in...
journal article 2012