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Zhang, Zi (author), Sato, Yugo (author), Dai, Ji (author), Chui, Ho kwong (author), Daigger, Glen (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author), Chen, Guanghao (author)
Exploring alternative water sources and improving the efficiency of energy uses are crucial approaches to strengthening the water-energy securities and achieving carbon mitigations in sub(tropical) coastal cities. Seawater use for toilet flushing and district cooling systems is reportedly practical for achieving multiaspect benefits in Hong...
journal article 2023
Liu, Xiaoming (author), Dai, Ji (author), Wu, Di (author), Jiang, Feng (author), Chen, Guanghao (author), Chui, Ho Kwong (author), van Loosdrecht, Mark C.M. (author)
Global water security is a severe issue that threatens human health and well-being. Finding sustainable alternative water resources has become a matter of great urgency. For coastal urban areas, desalinated seawater could serve as a freshwater supply. However, since 20%–30% of the water supply is used for flushing waste from the city,...
journal article 2016