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Chen, K. (author), Vuik, Cornelis (author)
In this article, we propose and analyze a set of fully nonstationary Anderson acceleration (AA) algorithms with two window sizes and optimized damping. Although AA has been used for decades to speed up nonlinear solvers in many applications, most authors are simply using and analyzing the stationary version of AA (sAA) with fixed window size...
journal article 2022
Khaliq, J. (author), Li, C. (author), Chen, K. (author), Shi, B. (author), Ye, H. (author), Grande, A.M. (author), Yan, H. (author), Reece, M.J. (author)
The effect of substitution and oxidation-reduction on the thermal conductivity of perovskite-like layered structure (PLS) ceramics was investigated in relation to mass contrast and non-stoichiometry. Sr (acceptor) was substituted on the A site, while Ta (donor) was substituted on the B site of La2Ti2O7. Substitution in PLS materials creates...
journal article 2015
Chen, K. (author)
The Hyperbody graduation studio is set to be an endeavor to integrate research with the final design product. The “computational” nature of the whole process serves as both an opportunity and challenge to develop a design methodology out of analyzing the complexity of current social and climatic context and using these presets as “intrigues” to...
master thesis 2014