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Palensky, P. (author), Chen, Qixin (author), Rider, Marcos J. (author)
contribution to periodical 2023
Feng, Cheng (author), Zheng, Kedi (author), Zhou, Yangze (author), Palensky, P. (author), Chen, Qixin (author)
With the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs), electricity consumers in virtual power plants (VPPs) are transitioning into prosumers and are encouraged to share surplus energy with peers. Nevertheless, large-scale energy sharing among thousands of prosumers may encounter communication-related challenges. Communication network...
journal article 2023
Chen, Qixin (author), Fang, Xichen (author), Guo, Hongye (author), Zheng, Kedi (author), Tang, Qinghu (author), Lv, Ruike (author), Pan, K. (author), Palensky, P. (author), Kirschen, Daniel S. (author), Kang, Chongqing (author)
Equilibrium analysis has been widely studied as an effective tool to model gaming interactions and predict market results. However, as competition modes are fundamentally changed by the decarbonization and decentralization of power systems, analysis techniques must evolve. This article comprehensively reviews recent developments in modelling...
journal article 2022