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Chen, Zhiyi (author)
The learning curve illustrates how the generalization performance of the learner evolves with more training data. It can predict the amount of data needed for decent accuracy and the highest achievable accuracy. However, the behavior of learning curves is not well understood. Many assume that the more training data provided, the better the...
bachelor thesis 2022
Dutta, S. (author), Chen, Zhiyi (author), Kaiser, Elias (author), Malcolm Matamoros, Priscilla (author), Steeneken, P.G. (author), Verbiest, G.J. (author)
Although it is well known that plants emit acoustic pulses under drought stress, the exact origin of the waveform of these ultrasound pulses has remained elusive. Here, we present evidence for a correlation between the characteristics of the waveform of these pulses and the dimensions of xylem conduits in plants. Using a model that relates the...
journal article 2022