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Dialynas, G. (author), Christoforidis, Christos (author), Happee, R. (author), Schwab, A.L. (author)
Experiments and human rider models were used to investigate bicycle balance and steering using visuo/vestibular motion and proprioceptive feedback taking into account sensory delays. An instrumented steer-by-wire bicycle designed and built at the TU Delft bicycle laboratory was used to investigate rider responses with and with reduced...
journal article 2022
Christoforidis, Christos (author)
Experimental data were obtained from riding a steer-by-wire bicycle on the open road while perturbing balance with impulsive forces at the seat post (lateral pertubations) as well as perturbing balance with impulsive torques at the steering assembly (steering pertubations). The experiments were conducted at 2.6–5.6 m/s covering both the stable...
master thesis 2019