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Li, L. (author), Chu, X. (author)
The need for system failure probability, pf , of soil slope stability that takes into account the spatial variation of soil properties has been acknowledged by the geotechnical profession. The spatial variations of cohesion and friction angle for a c-ϕ soil slope were modeled by one dimensional vertical random field respectively. The cross...
conference paper 2015
Jia, L. (author), Chen, X (author), Chu, X (author), Pouwelse, J.A. (author), Epema, D.H.J. (author)
Many private BitTorrent communities employ Sharing Ratio Enforcement<br/>(SRE) schemes to incentivize users to contribute. It has been demonstrated<br/>that users in private communities are highly dedicated and that they seed much<br/>longer than users in communities where SRE is not employed. While most pre-<br/>vious studies focus on showing...
journal article 2014