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Van Overveld, T. J.J.M. (author), Shajahan, M.T. (author), Breugem, W.P. (author), Clercx, H. J.H. (author), Duran-Matute, M. (author)
When two spherical particles submerged in a viscous fluid are subjected to an oscillatory flow, they align themselves perpendicular to the direction of the flow leaving a small gap between them. The formation of this compact structure is attributed to a nonzero residual flow known as steady streaming. We have performed direct numerical...
journal article 2022
Contreras, P. S. (author), Ataei Dadavi, I. (author), Speetjens, M. F.M. (author), Kleijn, C.R. (author), Tummers, M.J. (author), Clercx, H. J.H. (author)
The present study concerns Lagrangian transport and (chaotic) advection in three-dimensional (3D) flows in cavities under steady and laminar conditions. The main goal is to investigate topological equivalences between flow classes driven by different forcing; streamline patterns and their response to nonlinear effects are examined. To this...
journal article 2019