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Vermillion, Chris (author), Cobb, Mitchell (author), Fagiano, Lorenzo (author), Leuthold, Rachel (author), Diehl, Moritz (author), Smith, Roy S. (author), Wood, Tony A. (author), Rapp, S. (author), Schmehl, R. (author)
Airborne wind energy systems convert wind energy into electricity using tethered flying devices, typically flexible kites or aircraft. Replacing the tower and foundation of conventional wind turbines can substantially reduce the material use and, consequently, the cost of energy, while providing access to wind at higher altitudes. Because the...
review 2021
Cobb, Mitchell (author), Vermillion, Chris (author)
conference paper 2019
Vermillion, Chris (author), Cobb, Mitchell (author), Deodhar, Nihar (author), Deese, Joe (author)
conference paper 2017