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Baptist, Martin J. (author), Gerkema, T (author), van Prooijen, Bram (author), van Maren, D.S. (author), Colosimo, I. (author), Elschot, K. (author), de Groot, A. V. (author), Cleveringa, J. (author), van Eekelen, E. M.M. (author), More Authors (author)
We test an innovative approach to beneficially re-use dredged sediment to enhance salt marsh development. A Mud Motor is a dredged sediment disposal in the form of a semi-continuous source of mud in a shallow tidal channel allowing natural processes to disperse the sediment to nearby mudflats and salt marshes. We describe the various steps in...
journal article 2019
Colosimo, I. (author), van Prooijen, Bram (author), van Maren, D.S. (author), Winterwerp, J.C. (author), Reniers, A.J.H.M. (author)
Port maintenance and nature preservation are two often conflicting aspects of coastal management. Within a Pilot Project in the Western Wadden Sea (the Netherlands - see Figure1a) we test a win-win solution that could reduce harbour siltation while simultaneously stimulate saltmarsh development.
For this purpose, fine material, dredged in...
abstract 2017