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Conijn, Laura (author)
In the United Kingdom spatial challenges are formed due to a significant erosion rate, especially on the southeast coastline, where the soil has a weak resistance to erosion (Masselink & Russell, 2013; Hurst et al, 2016). This erosion causes the soil to be washed away until no soil remains (Dornbush et al, 2006). Ecology, society and urban...
master thesis 2021
Carvajal Ordonez, Nicolas (author), Conijn, Laura (author), Hanse, Christiaan (author), Huang, Yixiang (author), Ruiz Carvajal, Federico (author)
A nationwide program for building one million dwellings aims to relieve the Netherland’s housing crisis: nearly a quarter of this construction will take place in South Holland. Currently, the construction industry needs a huge input of raw materials that is not only causing waste problems but is also decreasing environmental quality. A large...
student report 2020