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Maity, Smarak (author), Pingault, B.J. (author), Joe, Graham (author), Chalupnik, Michelle (author), Assumpção, Daniel (author), Cornell, Eliza (author), Shao, Linbo (author), Lončar, Marko (author)
Nuclear spins interact weakly with their environment and therefore exhibit long coherence times. This has led to their use as memory qubits in quantum information platforms, where they are controlled via electromagnetic waves. Scaling up such platforms comes with challenges in terms of power efficiency, as well as cross-talk between devices....
journal article 2022
Ding, Sophie W. (author), Cornell, Eliza (author), Shao, Linbo (author), Pingault, B.J. (author), Sinclair, Neil (author), Lončar, Marko (author)
We demonstrate the transmission of a ∼4-GHz surface acoustic wave across a suspended diamond waveguide. This enables simultaneous coherent mechanical driving of, and optical access to, diamond-based color centers.
conference paper 2022