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Tagliaferri, M.L.V. (author), Bavdaz, P.L. (author), Huang, W. (author), Dzurak, A. S. (author), Culcer, Dimitrie (author), Veldhorst, M. (author)
We investigate the effect of the valley degree of freedom on Pauli-spin blockade readout of spin qubits in silicon. The valley splitting energy sets the singlet-triplet splitting and thereby constrains the detuning range. The valley phase difference controls the relative strength of the intra- and intervalley tunnel couplings, which, in the...
journal article 2018
Huang, Wister (author), Veldhorst, M. (author), Zimmerman, Neil M. (author), Dzurak, Andrew S. (author), Culcer, Dimitrie (author)
The electrical control of single spin qubits based on semiconductor quantum dots is of great interest for scalable quantum computing since electric fields provide an alternative mechanism for qubit control compared with magnetic fields and can also be easier to produce. Here we outline the mechanism for a drastic enhancement in the...
journal article 2017