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Cupillard, Paul (author), Mulder, W.A. (author)
abstract 2022
Cupillard, Paul (author), Mulder, W.A. (author), Anquez, Pierre (author), Mazuyer, Antoine (author), Barthélémy, J. (author)
The Earth interior contains heterogeneities at all scales, ranging from pores and mineral grains to major global units. On the contrary, seismic recordings only contain variations larger than the minimum wavelength λmin. The heterogeneities smaller than λmin are naturally smoothed by the wavefield, leading to effective media when inverting...
conference paper 2021
Cupillard, Paul (author), Mulder, W.A. (author), Irakarama, Modeste (author), Mazuyer, Antoine (author), Anquez, Pierre (author)
Within the last decade, non-periodic homogenization proved to be an accurate upscaling method for computing smooth equivalent media of elastic models of the earth interior. Doing so, it reveals the seismic anisotropy induced by small-scale structures and it eases the numerical simulation of wave propagation in complex geological settings by...
abstract 2019