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Anbumani, Silambarasan (author), da Silva, Aldeliane M. (author), Carvalho, Isis G.B. (author), Fischer, Eduarda Regina (author), de Souza e Silva, Mariana (author), von Zuben, Antonio Augusto G. (author), Carvalho, Hernandes F. (author), de Souza, Alessandra A. (author), Janissen, R. (author), Cotta, Monica A. (author)
The morphological plasticity of bacteria to form filamentous cells commonly represents an adaptive strategy induced by stresses. In contrast, for diverse human and plant pathogens, filamentous cells have been recently observed during biofilm formation, but their functions and triggering mechanisms remain unclear. To experimentally identify...
journal article 2021
Janissen, R. (author), Sahoo, Prasana K. (author), Santos, Clelton A. (author), Da Silva, Aldeliane M. (author), Von Zuben, Antonio A.G. (author), Souto, Denio E.P. (author), Costa, Alexandre D.T. (author), Celedon, Paola (author), Zanchin, Nilson I.T. (author), Almeida, Diogo B. (author), Oliveira, Douglas S. (author)
Electrically active field-effect transistors (FET) based biosensors are of paramount importance in life science applications, as they offer direct, fast, and highly sensitive label-free detection capabilities of several biomolecules of specific interest. In this work, we report a detailed investigation on surface functionalization and...
journal article 2017