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Hongsiri, W. (author), Danon, B. (author), De Jong, W. (author)
It is known that both acids and salts have a positive catalytic effect on the dehydration of pentoses to form furfural, a potentially attractive platform chemical. In this study the effects of the combined usage of an organic acid, instead of stronger mineral acids, and a saline catalyst is investigated. In order to assess these effects, the...
journal article 2014
Danon, B. (author), Marcotullio, G. (author), De Jong, W. (author)
In this paper both the mechanistic and kinetic aspects of furfural formation from pentoses in aqueous acidic media have been reviewed. Based on the reviewed literature, a comprehensive reaction mechanism has been proposed consisting of more than one route, all starting from acyclic xylose, and involving alternately 1,2-enolization, ?-elimination...
journal article 2013
Danon, B. (author)
In this thesis three different combustion systems, equipped with either a single or multiple ?ameless combustion burner(s), are discussed. All these setups were investigated both experimentally and numerically, i.e., using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations. Flameless combustion is a combustion technology capable of accomplishing the...
doctoral thesis 2011