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van Bemmelen, C.W.T. (author), de Schipper, M.A. (author), Darnall, J. (author), Aarninkhof, S.G.J. (author)
Beach scarps are nearly vertical seaward facing sandy cliffs within the cross-shore beach profile. These features are often associated with eroding (nourished) coastlines and can reach heights of O(2–3 m). An analysis of a six-year dataset of beach scarp presence at the nourished Sand Engine beach shows that the formation of beach scarps at the...
journal article 2020
Darnall, J. (author)
A survey dataset taken at the Sand Engine mega-nourishment on the southwest coast of Holland was analyzed in an attempt to locate beach scarps and characterize their development. A beach scarp is defined as a vertical discontinuity in the upper foreshore slope generated through the removal of sediment by natural processes. More specifically,...
master thesis 2016
Pearson, S. (author), Alhaddad, S. (author), Amarachaharam, T. (author), Darnall, J. (author), Samardzija, I. (author), Serrano, A.M. (author)
CIE4061 Multidisciplinary Project: We were tasked with determining the feasibility of dike compartments to mitigate flood risk in Schouwen-Duiveland, The Netherlands. The primary dike protecting the polder of Bruinisse is vulnerable to piping failure, leading to a high probability of flooding. In the event of a flood, the small but deep polder...
student report 2015