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Ciullo, A. (author), Domeneghetti, A. (author), Kwakkel, J.H. (author), De Bruijn, K. M. (author), Klijn, F. (author), Castellarin, A. (author)
Robust Decision Making (RDM) is an established framework for decision making under deep uncertainty. RDM relies on the idea of scenario neutrality, namely that decision robustness is not affected by how scenarios are generated if these are uniformly distributed and span a sufficiently large range of future states of the world. Several authors...
journal article 2022
Dupuits, E.J.C. (author), Klerk, W.J. (author), Schweckendiek, T. (author), de Bruijn, K. M. (author)
In risk analysis of riverine flood defence systems, sections of flood defences are often considered separately, herewith ignoring their interdependence, e.g. due to the hydraulic response following dike breaches in the system. In previous studies it has been found that such interdependence can have a significant influence on flood risk estimates...
journal article 2019
Curran, A.N. (author), De Bruijn, K. M. (author), Kok, M. (author)
Hazard analysis is a crucial step in flood risk management, and for large rivers, the effects of breaches need to be taken into account. Hazard analyses that incorporate this overall “system behaviour” have become increasingly popular in flood risk assessment. Methods to perform such analyses often focus on high water levels as a trigger for...
journal article 2018