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de Fockert, Anton (author), Bijlsma, Arnout C. (author), O'Mahoney, Tom S.D. (author), Verbruggen, Wilbert (author), Scheijgrond, Peter C. (author), Wang, Zhengbing (author)
Hydraulic structures can be a promising place for tidal energy extraction due to the high flow velocities, easy access to the power grid and easy access for maintenance. However, quantification of the impacts of a tidal power plant in a hydraulic structure is not straight forward. In 2015 a pilot plant consisting of an array of five Tocardo...
journal article 2023
De Fockert, Anton (author), O'Mahoney, Tom S.D. (author), Nogueira, Helena I.S. (author), Oldenziel, G. (author), Bijlsma, Arnout C. (author), Janssen, Hans (author)
Salt water intrusion through the New Sea Lock of IJmuiden, Netherlands requires mitigation to ensure availability of enough fresh water further inland. For this purpose, a salt screen has been proposed for selective withdrawal of salt water from the Noordzeekanaal in the vicinity of the lock complex. Formulas to assess the withdrawal rate of...
journal article 2022