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Chaykina, D. (author), De Krom, T. (author), Colombi, G. (author), Schreuders, H. (author), Suter, A. (author), Prokscha, T. (author), Dam, B. (author), Eijt, S.W.H. (author)
Thin films of rare-earth metal oxyhydrides, such as yttrium oxyhydrides (YH3-2xOx), show a photochromic effect where the transparency of the films decreases reversibly upon exposure to UV light. However, the exact mechanism behind this effect is unknown. In this paper, we describe the behavior of YH3-2xOx thin films, with different O2-:H-...
journal article 2021
Eijt, S.W.H. (author), De Krom, T. W.H. (author), Chaykina, D. (author), Schut, H. (author), Colombi, G. (author), Cornelius, S. (author), Egger, W. (author), Dickmann, M. (author), Dam, B. (author)
Doppler broadening positron annihilation spectroscopy depth profiles were collected on photochromic YO<sub>x</sub>H<sub>y</sub> thin films. In situ UV illumination of photochromic semiconductor YO<sub>x</sub>H<sub>y</sub> films leads to an increase in S-parameter and a large reduction in W-parameter, possibly caused by a change in the charge...
journal article 2020