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De Lange, R.M. (author)
Big Data is a popular research and business topic. Due to the potential value that lies in Big Data, much effort is put in attempts to improve Big Data analysis methods. ORTEC is a company that provides data analysis, optimisation, and forecasting solutions. In an attempt to make Big Data analysis easier to use for its customers, ORTEC is...
master thesis 2015
Van Gelderen, M.M. (author), De Lange, R.M. (author)
This document is the final report on the DizzyData front-end (DF) Bachelor Project. The project was focused on creating an interface for the DizzyData software created by Newviews. The functionality of the DizzyData system is exposed through a Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Program Interface (API) that DF can use. Due to the...
bachelor thesis 2013