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De Lathouder, K.M. (author), Smeltink, M.W. (author), Straathof, A.J.J. (author), Paasman, M.A. (author), Van de Sandt, E.J.A.X. (author), Kapteijn, F. (author), Moulijn, J.A. (author)
The objective of this work was to develop a hydrogel-coated monolith for the entrapment of penicillin G acylase (E. coli, PGA). After screening of different hydrogels, chitosan was chosen as the carrier material for the preparation of monolithic biocatalysts. This protocol leads to active immobilized biocatalysts for the enzymatic hydrolysis of...
journal article 2008
De Lathouder, K.M. (author)
Recently, biocatalysis has become an interesting alternative for conventional industrial processes. Enzyme reactions are highly selective and fast, and can be performed under ambient conditions. A drawback of the use of enzymes is their fragile nature. Stirring, high temperature, or solvents can cause deactivation. Also separation of the free...
doctoral thesis 2007
Ei1ers, R.F. (author), De Lathouder, K.M. (author), Law, J.R. (author), Tulleken, B.A. (author)
report 1999