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Legerstee, W.J. (author), De Roode, J. (author), Anastasopol, A. (author), Falub, C.V. (author), Eijt, S.W.H. (author)
We developed a dedicated hydrogen sorption setup coupled to a positron 2D-ACAR (two-dimensional Angular Correlation of Annihilation Radiation) setup employing a 22Na-source, which will enable to collect 2D-ACAR momentum distributions in-situ as a function of temperature, hydrogen pressure and hydrogen content. In parallel, a dedicated glovebox...
journal article 2012
Eijt, S.W.H. (author), De Roode, J. (author), Schut, H. (author), Kooi, B.J. (author), De Hosson, J.T.M. (author)
Coimplantation of Zn and O ions into a single crystalline MgO and subsequent thermal annealing were applied in the synthesis of ZnO nanocrystals. Electron microscopy showed that rocksalt instead of wurtzite ZnO stabilizes for relatively large nanocrystals up to ~15?nm, resulting from its small lattice mismatch with MgO of ~1.7%. The vacancies...
journal article 2007