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De Visser, M.M. (author), Kanning, W. (author), Koopmans, R. (author), Niemeijer, J. (author)
Research to the failure mechanism piping (internal, backward erosion) in the Netherlands shows that the dikes require costly berms to meet the required safety standards. According to the Sellmeijer piping-formula, the d70 (70%-quantile of the grain size distribution by weight) is an important parameter in the resistance against piping. Therefore...
conference paper 2015
De Visser, M.M. (author)
Environmental awareness and sustainable development have been popular themes over the last few years. To improve dikes along the estuaries in Zeeland (The Netherlands) where a high foreland with natural areas of salt marshes is present, alternatives to stone revetments are examined. From a natural and aesthetic point of view, a slope covered...
master thesis 2007