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De Vriend, H.J. (author), Geldof, H.J. (author)
Results of a mathematical model for the depth-averaged main flow velocity in shallow river bends are compared with measurements in two consecutive sharply-curved short bends in the river Dommel, The Netherlands. The computed main velocity distribution agrees rather well with the measured one in the larger part of each bend. Near the bend exits,...
report 1983
Kalkwijk, J.P.T. (author), De Vriend, H.J. (author)
The mathematical model presented describes the flow in rivers of which: i the depth is small compared with the width, ii the width is small compared with the radius of curvature, iii the horizontal length scale of the bottom variations is of the order of magnitude of the width. Within these limits, the channel alignment can be arbitrary and it...
report 1980