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De Vries, Roelof A.J. (author), Lemke, M. (author), Ludden, Geke D.S. (author)
To improve people's lives, human-computer interaction researchers are increasingly designing technological solutions based on behavior change theory, such as social comparison theory (SCT). However, how researchers operationalize such a theory as a design remains largely unclear. One way to clarify this methodological step is to clearly state...
journal article 2023
Lucassen, Desiree A. (author), Lasschuijt, Marlou P. (author), Camps, Guido (author), Van Loo, Ellen J. (author), Fischer, Arnout R.H. (author), de Vries, Roelof A.J. (author), Haarman, Juliet A.M. (author), Simons, Monique (author), Bos-de Vos, M. (author)
Overweight, obesity and cardiometabolic diseases are major global health concerns. Lifestyle factors, including diet, have been acknowledged to play a key role in the solution of these health risks. However, as shown by numerous studies, and in clinical practice, it is extremely challenging to quantify dietary behaviors as well as influencing...
journal article 2021