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Akyüz, M. Hakan (author), Dekker, Rommert (author), Sharif Azadeh, S. (author)
The exclusive and excessive use of long-distance road transportation is not suitable way to reduce the negative environmental impacts of logistics systems. Intermodal transport, combining road with other transport modes, has the potential to reduce both operating costs and carbon footprints. One of the reasons for the low share of intermodal...
journal article 2023
Van Riessen, Bart (author), Mulder, Judith (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author), Dekker, Rommert (author)
The cargo fare class mix (CFCM) problem aims to find the optimal fare class mix for a given intermodal transportation network based on known client demands. It is based on a revenue management problem for aviation passengers, the fare class mix problem, but considering intermodal cargo transportation, two major differences apply. Firstly, the...
journal article 2020
van Riessen, B. (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author), Dekker, Rommert (author)
The intermodal hinterland transportation of maritime containers is under pressure from port authorities and shippers to achieve a more integrated, efficient network operation. Current optimisation methods in literature yield limited results in practice, though, as the transportation product structure limits the flexibility to optimise network...
journal article 2017