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Pappas, C. (author), Bannenberg, L.J. (author), Lelièvre-Berna, E. (author), Qian, F. (author), Dewhurst, C. D. (author), Dalgliesh, R. M. (author), Schlagel, D. L. (author), Lograsso, T. A. (author), Falus, P (author)
The reference chiral helimagnet MnSi is the first system where Skyrmion lattice correlations have been reported. At a zero magnetic field the transition at TC to the helimagnetic state is of first order. Above TC, in a region dominated by precursor phenomena, neutron scattering shows the buildup of strong chiral fluctuating correlations over...
journal article 2017
Bannenberg, L.J. (author), Kakurai, K. (author), Qian, F. (author), Lelièvre-Berna, E. (author), Dewhurst, C. D. (author), Onose, Y. (author), Endoh, Y. (author), Tokura, Y (author), Pappas, C. (author)
Small angle neutron scattering measurements on a bulk single crystal of the doped chiral magnet Fe1-xCoxSi with x=0.3 reveal a pronounced effect of the magnetic history and cooling rates on the magnetic phase diagram. The extracted phase diagrams are qualitatively different for zero and field cooling and reveal a metastable skyrmion lattice...
journal article 2016