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Timmermans, Jos (author), Storms, J.E.A. (author), Pleijster, Eric-Jan (author), van der Meulen, G.J.M. (author), van Alphen, Jos (author), Haasnoot, Marjolein (author), Diermanse, FLM (author), Cohen, Kim M. (author), Minderhoud, Philip (author), Leuven, Jasper R.F.W. (author), Gerritsen, Kari-Anne (author), van Buuren, Michaƫl (author), van Boxel, Elma (author), Koreman, Kristian (author), Sanaan Bensi, N. (author)
How can the Netherlands adapt to sea level rise on the long term: maintain, advance or retreat? This article compares the results of seven plans and designs from a diverse group of scholars and professionals that offer very different answers to this question. This diversity broadens the options, which is vital in this stage. Both problem solving...
journal article 2020
Dupuits, E.J.C. (author), de Bruijn, KM (author), Diermanse, FLM (author), Kok, M. (author)
A breach in a flood defence will affect the downstream water levels in a riverine system, and therefore the flood risk of the system. The effect of this changed flood risk is used in an economical optimization to assess if this significantly changes the economically optimal safety targets of the flood defences in a riverine system. The impact of...
conference paper 2016