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Edixhoven, Tom (author), Qiu, S. (author), Kuiper, Lucie (author), Dikken, Olivier (author), Smitskamp, Gwennan (author), Gadiraju, Ujwal (author)
In popular crowdsourcing marketplaces like Amazon Mechanical Turk, crowd workers complete tasks posted by requesters in return for monetary rewards. Task requesters are solely responsible for deciding whether to accept or reject submitted work. Rejecting work can directly affect the monetary reward of corresponding workers, and indirectly...
conference paper 2021
Dikken, Olivier (author), Prakash, Kushal (author), Roseboom, Bart (author), Rubio, Ana (author), Østvik, Sander (author), Bueno Perez, M.R. (author), Ziliotto Salamon, N. (author), Bidarra, Rafael (author)
Adding energy-saving products to your house can benefit the economy, the environment and your living comfort. However, these products are very costly, and many people cannot afford them using their own savings. There exist several options for funding these projects, but people do not take advantage of such due to lack of information and the...
conference paper 2020