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Pachón-Morales, John (author), Perré, Patrick (author), Casalinho, Joel (author), Do, H.Q. (author), Schott, D.L. (author), Puel, François (author), Colin, Julien (author)
The evaluation of the flow properties of biomass powders is essential for the design of handling systems within a thermochemical valorization context. The Discrete Element Method (DEM) is a valuable tool for simulating the bulk behavior of granular materials that has rarely been used for biomass feedstocks. This work focuses on the numerical...
journal article 2020
Do, H.Q. (author), Aragon, A.M. (author), Schott, D.L. (author)
This research aims at developing a universal methodology for automated calibration of microscopic properties of modelled granular materials. The proposed calibrator can be applied for different experimental set-ups. Two optimization approaches: (1) a genetic algorithm and (2) DIRECT optimization, are used to identify discrete element method...
conference paper 2017
Do, H.Q. (author), Bishnoi, Shashank (author), Scrivener, Karen L. (author)
This paper presents a new approach to model the creep behavior of cement paste at early ages. The creep behavior is simulated by applying a time-varying generalized Maxwell model on the individual elements of a finite-element mesh of a simulated three-dimensional microstructure and compared with results in the literature. All mechanical...
journal article 2016