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Dokter, E. (author), Meles, G.A. (author), Curtis, A (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
A number of seismic processing methods, including velocity analysis (Sheriff and Geldart, 1999), make the assumption that recorded waves are primaries - that they have scattered only once (the Born approximation). Multiples then represent a source of coherent noise and must be suppressed to avoid artefacts. There are different approaches to...
conference paper 2017
Dokter, E. (author)
Accidents, malfunctioning matrix signs, oil on the road and a bridge that is not able to close are examples of traffic events that happen every day on the Dutch roads. In the Netherlands we are able to measure traffic speeds and calculate travel times on highways and most important secondary roads using a network of connected traffic measuring...
master thesis 2015
Ciocoiu, J.J. (author), Dokter, E. (author)
Verslag van de stage van het bachelorproject, uitgevoerd bij reprovinci.
bachelor thesis 2010