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van der Werf, I. (author), Dol, H. S. (author), Blom, K. (author), Heusdens, R. (author), Hendriks, R.C. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author)
In this paper, we show the mathematical equivalence of two popular modulation schemes: OSDM and OTFS. The former is mainly used in underwater acoustic communications, while the latter scheme is a promising modulation technique in radio-frequency communications. Although literature suggests a link between the two modulation schemes by connecting...
journal article 2023
Isufi, E. (author), Dol, H. (author), Leus, G.J.T. (author)
Flooding-based protocols are a reliable solution to deliver packets in underwater sensor networks. However, these protocols potentially involve all the nodes in the forwarding process. Thus, the performance and energy efficiency are not optimal. In this work, we propose some advances of a flooding-based protocol with the goal to improve the...
journal article 2016
Kok, J.C. (author), Van Muijden, J. (author), Burgers, S.S. (author), Dol, H. (author), Spekreijse, S.P. (author)
Scientific enhancement of the analysis of thermal comfort aspects in aircraft cabins is the subject of the current investigation. For this purpose, three important processes are identified that play a significant role in thermal comfort, viz. the human response to its thermal environment which is also known as thermoregulation, the actual...
conference paper 2006