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Dolkens, D. (author)
Sub-meter resolution satellite imagery serves a more and more important role in applications ranging from environmental protection, disaster response and precision farming to defence and security. Earth Observation at these resolutions has long been the realm of large and heavy telescopes. The costs of building and launching such systems are...
master thesis 2015
Van de Bos, M.F. (author), Bijster, R.J.F. (author), Dolkens, D. (author), Mathis, C. (author), Peters, R.B.M. (author), Rotthier, L.B.M. (author), Schoemaker, R.F.M. (author), Sikkel, L.N.C. (author), Van de Wetering, R. (author)
Recent developments in satellite industry gaining strong attention are so called nanosatellites. These small satellites, with sizes of about a milk carton, are easy to build and much more adordable, promising great advantages for future space missions. Up until today no reliable mid-resolution Earth observation instrument has been build that can...
bachelor thesis 2011