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Tchebotareva, A. (author), Hermans, S.L.N. (author), Humphreys, P.C. (author), Voigt, D. (author), Harmsma, P.J. (author), Cheng, Lun K. (author), Verlaan, Ad L. (author), Dijkhuizen, Niels (author), De Jong, Wim (author), Dréau, A.E. (author), Hanson, R. (author)
We report on the realization and verification of quantum entanglement between a nitrogen-vacancy electron spin qubit and a telecom-band photonic qubit. First we generate entanglement between the spin qubit and a 637 nm photonic time-bin qubit, followed by photonic quantum frequency conversion that transfers the entanglement to a 1588 nm...
journal article 2019
Dréau, A.E. (author), Tcheborateva, Anna (author), El Mahdaoui, A. (author), Bonato, C. (author), Hanson, R. (author)
We report on the conversion to telecommunication wavelengths of single photons emitted by a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect in diamond. By means of difference frequency generation, we convert spin-selective photons at 637 nm, associated with the coherent NV zero-phonon line, to the target wavelength of 1588 nm in the L-telecommunication band....
journal article 2018
Hensen, B.J. (author), Kalb, N. (author), Blok, M.S. (author), Dréau, A.E. (author), Reiserer, A.A. (author), Vermeulen, R.F.L. (author), Schouten, R.N. (author), Markham, M. (author), Twitchen, D.J. (author), Goodenough, K.D. (author), Elkouss Coronas, D. (author), Wehner, S.D.C. (author), Taminiau, T.H. (author), Hanson, R. (author)
The recently reported violation of a Bell inequality using entangled electronic spins in diamonds (Hensen et al., Nature 526, 682–686) provided the first loophole-free evidence against local-realist theories of nature. Here we report on data from a second Bell experiment using the same experimental<br/>setup with minor modifications. We find a...
journal article 2016