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Duev, D.A. (author), Zakhvatkin, M.V. (author), Stepanyants, V.A. (author), Molera Calvés, G. (author), Pogrebenko, S.V. (author), Gurvits, L.I. (author), Cimò, G. (author), Bocanegra Bahamón, T.M. (author)
Context. The accuracy of orbit determination has a strong impact on the scientific output of the Space VLBI mission RadioAstron. Aims. The aim of this work is to improve the RadioAstron orbit reconstruction by means of sophisticated dynamical modelling of its motion in combination with multi-station Doppler tracking of the RadioAstron spacecraft...
journal article 2015
Molera Calvés, G. (author), Pogrebenko, S.V. (author), Cimò, G. (author), Duev, D.A. (author), Bocanegra-Bahamón, T.M. (author), Wagner, J.F. (author), Kallunki, J. (author), De Vicente, P. (author), Kronschnabl, G. (author), Haas, R. (author), Quick, J. (author), Maccaferri, G. (author), Colucci, G. (author), Wang, W.H. (author), Yang, W.J. (author), Hao, L.F. (author)
Aims. The phase scintillation of the European Space Agency’s Venus Express (VEX) spacecraft telemetry signal was observed at X-band (? = 3.6 cm) with a number of radio telescopes of the European Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) Network in the period 2009–2013. Methods. We found a phase fluctuation spectrum along the Venus orbit with a...
journal article 2014
Duev, D.A. (author), Molera Calvés, G. (author), Pogrebenko, S.V. (author), Gurvits, L.I. (author), Cimó, G. (author), Bocanegra Bahamon, T. (author)
Aims. We present the results of several multi-station Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI) experiments conducted with the ESA spacecraft Venus Express as a target. To determine the true capabilities of VLBI tracking for future planetary missions in the solar system, it is necessary to demonstrate the accuracy of the method for existing...
conference paper 2012