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Duisterhof, Bart (author)
Nano quadcopters are ideal for gas source localization (GSL) as they are cheap, safe and agile. However, previous algorithms are unsuitable for nano quadcopters, as they rely on heavy sensors, require too large computational resources, or only solve simple scenarios without obstacles. In this work, we propose a novel bug algorithm named `Sniffy...
master thesis 2020
Olejnik, D.A. (author), Karasek, M. (author), Duisterhof, Bart (author), Scheper, K.Y.W. (author), van Dijk, Tom (author), de Croon, G.C.H.E. (author)
In the field of robotics, a major challenge is achieving high levels of autonomy with small vehicles that have limited mass and power budgets. The main motivation for designing such small vehicles is that, compared to their larger counterparts, they have the potential to be safer, and hence be available and work together in large numbers. One of...
conference paper 2019
Duisterhof, Bart (author), de Croon, G.C.H.E. (author)
In the field of robotics, a major challenge is extending the flight range of micro aerial vehicles. One way to extend the range is by charging batteries with solar arrays on the ground, while resting on intermediate landing positions. The solution we propose in this study differentiates itself from other solutions as it does not focus on...
conference paper 2018