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Dullemond, K. (author)
More and more, software engineering projects are no longer carried out in a single office building, but instead in multiple dislocated office buildings or even from home. When the development process is distributed between several geographically dispersed locations this is known as Global Software Engineering or GSE. The team members working on...
doctoral thesis 2014
Dullemond, K. (author), Van Gameren, B. (author), Van Solingen, R. (author)
Software engineering is by nature a highly collaborative activity. However, collaborating effectively in Global Software Engineering, in which team members are geographically, temporally and/or socio-culturally separated from each other, is more difficult. In a traditional co-located setting, one of the most important communication patterns is a...
report 2011
Dullemond, K. (author), Van Gameren, B.J.A. (author)
Because of the distance between the dispersed development locations, Global Software Development (GSD) is confronted with challenges regarding communication, coordination and control of the development work. At the same time, agile software development is strongly built upon communication between engineers and has proven its benefits, although,...
master thesis 2009