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Eivani, A. R. (author), Vafaeenezhad, H. (author), Nikan, O. (author), Zhou, J. (author)
This research was aimed to assess the potential of a radial basis function (RBF) approximation method against the dislocation substructure-based constitutive model in predicting high-temperature deformation behavior of the AA7020 aluminum alloy. Hot compression tests were performed over a range of strain rate of 0.1–100 s<sup>−1</sup> and a...
journal article 2019
Najafi, S. (author), Eivani, A. R. (author), Samaee, M. (author), Jafarian, H. R. (author), Zhou, J. (author)
The effect of equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) on the microstructure and mechanical properties of AA6063 aluminum alloy was investigated. For this purpose, samples of AA6063 aluminum alloy were deformed up to 10 passes using ECAP and the evolution of microstructure, texture and dislocation density was investigated. It was found that the...
journal article 2018
Samaee, M. (author), Najafi, S. (author), Eivani, A. R. (author), Jafarian, H. R. (author), Zhou, J. (author)
In this research, grain refinement through severe plastic deformation (SPD) in combination with a thermal treatment to create a fine initial grain structure with a high degree of supersaturation was taken as a viable approach to achieving simultaneous increases in the hardness, strength and ductility of the aluminum alloy AA6063 during...
journal article 2016