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El Haji, Khalid (author)
Writing unit tests is a crucial task in the software development lifecycle, ensuring the correctness of the software developed. Due to its time-consuming and laborious nature, it is, however, often neglected by software engineers. Numerous automatic test generation tools have been devised to ease unit testing efforts, but these test generation...
master thesis 2023
El Haji, Khalid (author), Posner, Noah (author), Ilbaş, Hakan (author), Karpuz, Sergen (author), Wernet, Victor (author)
As the population increases so does the waste that is generated. Manually recycling waste is expensive and slow. Computer Vision (CV) solutions aim to make this less expensive and faster. Lots of data of this waste (thousands of images) is needed to train these CV solutions. This project, called Synthetic Waste Generator (SWaG) can create...
bachelor thesis 2020