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Kitsak, M.A. (author), Ganin, Alexander (author), Elmokashfi, Ahmed (author), Cui, Hongzhu (author), Eisenberg, Daniel A. (author), Alderson, David L. (author), Korkin, Dmitry (author), Linkov, Igor (author)
Dynamic processes on networks, be it information transfer in the Internet, contagious spreading in a social network, or neural signaling, take place along shortest or nearly shortest paths. Computing shortest paths is a straightforward task when the network of interest is fully known, and there are a plethora of computational algorithms for...
journal article 2023
Mas Machuca, Carmen (author), Secci, Stefano (author), Vizarreta, Petra (author), Kuipers, F.A. (author), Gouglidis, Antonios (author), Hutchison, David (author), Jouet, Simon (author), Pezaros, Dimitrios (author), Elmokashfi, Ahmed (author), Heegaard, Poul (author), Ristov, Sasko (author), Gusev, Marjan (author)
Resilience against disaster scenarios is essential to network operators, not only because of the potential economic impact of a disaster but also because communication networks form the basis of crisis management. COST RECODIS aims at studying measures, rules, techniques and prediction mechanisms for different disaster scenarios. This paper...
conference paper 2016