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Esgin, Muhammed F. (author), Ersoy, O. (author), Kuchta, Veronika (author), Loss, Julian (author), Sakzad, Amin (author), Steinfeld, Ron (author), Yang, Xiangwen (author), Zhao, Raymond K. (author)
In this work, we study the blockchain leader election problem. The purpose of such protocols is to elect a leader who decides on the next block to be appended to the blockchain, for each block proposal round. Solutions to this problem are vital for the security of blockchain systems. We introduce an efficient blockchain leader election method...
conference paper 2023
Esgin, Muhammed F. (author), Ersoy, O. (author), Erkin, Z. (author)
Adaptor signatures, also known as scriptless scripts, have recently become an important tool in addressing the scalability and interoperability issues of blockchain applications such as cryptocurrencies. An adaptor signature extends a digital signature in a way that a complete signature reveals a secret based on a cryptographic condition. It...
conference paper 2020