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Fang, D. (author)
Urban villages in Shenzhen provide housing for 60% migrant workers, however all current redevelopment plan of urban villages are not sustainable enough as it: 1. Mostly ignore the tenants’ benefits, low income migrant workers are forced to move to suburb; 2. Focus on economic compensation for households but not enough social and cultural care; 3...
master thesis 2015
Minchin, E. (author), Pan, J. (author), Walters, R.C. (author), Fang, D. (author)
Counterfeiting has been around since ancient times. Counterfeiting in modern times was once widespread and not confined to any geographic region. With the globalization efforts following World War II, counterfeiting became an international problem, much of it emanating from Japan’s developing manufacturing-based economy. As Japan’s economy...
conference paper 2011
Fang, D.-L. (author)
conference paper 1996