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Zwanenburg, F.A. (author), Van Loon, A.A. (author), Steele, G.A. (author), Rijmenam, C.E.W.M. (author), Balder, T. (author), Fang, Y. (author), Lieber, C.M. (author), Kouwenhoven, L.P. (author)
We report the realization of extremely small single quantum dots in p-type silicon nanowires, defined by Schottky tunnel barriers with Ni and NiSi contacts. Despite their ultrasmall size the NiSi–Si–NiSi nanowire quantum dots readily allow spectroscopy of at least ten consecutive holes, and additionally they display a pronounced excited-state...
journal article 2009
Vreeker, R. (author), Li, L. (author), Fang, Y. (author), Appelqvist, I. (author), Mendes, E. (author)
In this paper, we study the rehydration properties of air-dried calcium alginate gel beads. Rehydration is shown to depend on alginate source (i.e. mannuronic to guluronic acid ratio) and the salt concentration in the rehydration medium. Rehydration curves are described adequately by the empirical Weibull equation. Wide-angle X-ray diffraction...
journal article 2008