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Bicudo, Bruno (author), van Halem, D. (author), Trikannad, S.A. (author), Ferrero, Giuliana (author), Medema, G.J. (author)
In this paper we analyse the feasibility of low voltage iron electrocoagulation as a means of municipal secondary effluent treatment with a focus on removal of microbial indicators, Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria (ARB) and nutrients. A laboratory scale batch unit equipped with iron electrodes was used on synthetic and real secondary effluent...
journal article 2021
Daniel, D. (author), Gaicugi, Josphine (author), King, Richard (author), Marks, Sara J. (author), Ferrero, Giuliana (author)
Risk assessment for drinking water systems combines sanitary inspections (SI) and water quality testing and is critical for effectively managing the safety of these systems. SI forms consist of question sets relating to the presence of potential sources and pathways of contamination specific to different types of water points, piped...
journal article 2020
Rusca, Maria (author), Boakye-Ansah, Akosua Sarpong (author), Loftus, Alex (author), Ferrero, Giuliana (author), van der Zaag, P. (author)
Urban political ecology attempts to unravel and politicize the socio-ecological processes that produce uneven waterscapes. At the core of this analysis are the choreographies of power that influence how much water flows through urban infrastructure as well as where it flows, thereby shaping conditions and quality of access in cities. If these...
journal article 2017