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Wong, L.Y.J. (author), Bayoumy, S. (author), Freeke, A. (author), Cabo, A.J. (author)
One of the concerns in service mathematics courses, such as calculus for engineering, is students’ interest in these studies. Research suggests that engineering undergraduates’ lack of awareness about the importance of mathematics for their study success and for their careers contributes to their low motivation for mathematics. An approach to...
conference paper 2022
van Oel, C.J. (author), Mlihi, Meloek (author), Freeke, A. (author)
Using 3D design models, this study aims to better involve patients in the design of hospitals by investigating what physical environmental characteristics in hospital patient rooms are valued by patients. There is a plea for shared-decision-making and collaborative design processes with representatives from healthcare and the construction...
journal article 2020
Bluyssen, P.M. (author), Zhang, D. (author), Krooneman, A. (author), Freeke, A. (author)
To investigate whether different colours of the indoor surfaces could have an effect on thermal comfort of children, 335 primary school children were invited to take part in a series of tests conducted in the thermal test chamber of the SenseLab. A three-way factorial randomized design was used to test the effect of three different colours of...
journal article 2019