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Zhang, Wenpeng (author), Fu, Yaowen (author), Yin, J. (author)
Radar micro-Doppler (m-D) signature, which reflects the micromotion dynamic and structural characteristics of radar target with micromotion, has received increasing attention. Most of the existing m-D signature-extraction methods operate in the time domain or the time-frequency domain. Different from these methods, in this paper, an m-D...
journal article 2020
Chen, C. (author), Fu, Yaowen (author), Cotofana, S.D. (author)
To maximize the utilization of the available networks-on-chip (NoCs) link bandwidth, partially faulty links with low fault level should be utilized while heavily defected (HD) links should be deactivated and dealt with by means of a fault tolerant routing algorithm. To reach this target, we make the following contributions in this paper: 1) we...
journal article 2017