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Gaido, Camila (author)
Low-lying islands are highly vulnerable to wave-induced flooding, with low-frequency waves (frequency <0.04Hz) being one of the main drivers. The impact of these inundations can increase due to wave resonance over coral reefs, which has been observed in the range of low-frequency waves. This study aims to understand the reef resonance...
master thesis 2019
Cantoni, Irene (author), Gaido, Camila (author), Jonker, Tessa (author), van Gijzen, Laurie (author)
Erosion of the cliffs at the Point Grey Peninsula threatens important infrastructure and buildings at UBC. In order to tackle this problem, UBC launched a comprehensive project called Living Breakwaters. This project is part of Living Breakwaters and aims to act as a transversal element among different expertise, integrating these...
student report 2019